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100 Days to Sight Reading Excellence: Book II

Book I begins at Repertoire Level 3 and progresses daily through Repertoire Level 4 .

As in Book I, each day’s exercise is displayed on two pages. With the book opened flat, the left hand page gives a “Fun Fact”, the tuning for the timpani and may include a tid-bit from “The World of Cotov” or an insight with “Murphy’s Law”.

The right hand page has a new composition for each day written in score format, with each line numbered, and each instrument clearly marked. Unison parts insure students hear their mistakes.

The students keep the “Fun Fact” page forward and keep the composition folded behind. This prevents “cheating” and allows the timpanist to tune. When ready, the director instructs the students to flip the book over and can give them suggestions or comments before sight-reading begins.

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100 Days to Sight Reading Excellence, Book II


Click on the images below for a full size, printable sample page. Each sample contains a left and right page pair as it appears in the book.