About The Authors

Timothy L. Cotov received his BA from Rutgers University where he studied composition with Nicolas Roussakis. Currently residing in southern New Jersey, Timothy devotes his time to teaching, composing, and recording. As an educator, he is the instrumental music teacher for Long Beach Island Combined School District. He also teaches privately, having students in theory, composition, and on various instruments. His compositions display a wide range of influences . Study and transcription of rare ancient source materials are combined with experimentation with hyper-modern compositional devices to create unique musical structures.

He has a true love of early music and teaches and performs on several woodwind and string instruments from the Middle Ages and Renaissance such as the recorder, crumhorn, and rackett. This interest in early music has given him the opportunity to work and record with legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore in the Renaissance band Blackmore’s Night. Tim is the author of several advanced studies in synthetic scales, harp glissandos, and rhythmic permutations.

Tom Murphy received is a New Jersey band teacher who saw the need for these books for many years. Seeing deficiencies in many other reasonably priced sight reading practice books, he dreamed of correcting them and has done so ---which provides books that allow all students of all instruments to progressively play and practice the same score together, on a daily basis and at a reasonable per-student cost.

Mr. Murphy received his Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He studied percussion with Dr. Gary Olmstead and owes his love for teaching to Dr. John Kuehn. After a summer studying Timpani performance in Sienna Italy, Mr. Murphy completed his Masters Degree in Music Education from Ithaca College where he studied with Marimba virtuoso, Gordon Stout.

Mr. Murphy has been teaching instrumental music since 1987 at Southern Regional Middle School. He feels very fortunate to work for such a fine music department teaching Middle School Band, MS Jazz Ensemble, MS Percussion Ensemble, HS Percussion Ensemble, HS Musical Pit Orchestra and lessons 7 -12. He is a member of MENC, PAS, and IAJE. He is also Head Director of the American Music Abroad Gold Tour, a select group of high school musicians touring and performing in Europe each summer.

Timothy J. Cotov
Tom Murphy